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FIS-GP-Search offers a menu- and form-based user interface with search, visualization, download and print options. With FIS-GP-Viewer geophysical data objects can be displayed and selected on interactive maps in different coordinate systems.
Borehole geophysics2,123 measurement logs from 539 boreholes and 634 composite logs from 634 boreholes
1D geoelectrics21,591 Schlumberger soundings (max. profile length of 15 km) and 5,092 evaluations
2D geoelectrics61 profiles and 30 evaluations
Gravimetry355,989 gravity measurements
Magnetics1,344,295 measuring points (mainly from aeromagnetics)
Temperatures68,298 temperature values from 11,295 boreholes (to a depth of up to 9,100 m)
2D Seismic139 seismic profiles and 300 evaluations
3D Seismic1 seismic measurement
Vertical seismic profiles19 VSP measurements and 51 evaluations
Aero geophysics18 survey areas with 1,773 flight lines and 917,308 measuring points (methods hem, hmg and hrd)
Petrophysics8,601 measurements on 2,009 samples from 165 boreholes
Transient electromagnetics3 campaigns with 56 measurements and 112 evaluations
SkyTEM6 areas with 909 profiles, 175,210 measuring points and 1,898 evaluations
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